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This wiki is the collaboration workspace for the federated data system DataFed

The federated data system DataFed is a web-based software for accessing and analysis of distributed spatio-temporal data. The DataFed server facilitates standards-based access to heterogeneous, distributed Earth Observation data. The client components are software tools for data browsing and analysis Buy Valium using the standards-based interfaces.

Access Data through Data Catlaog Contact: R Husar,

Tools and Methods (See All...)

UFIND: Find AQ Data and Metadata
One Minute Videos
Near Real Time Data Console
Model Obs Comparison Tools
Model Evaluation Tool

Aerosol Research (See All...)

NAMP Coverage
AirBase Aggregation Map
2015-04-01: MODIS NRL Pattern
2014-11-27: TopicsOfInterest
2013-11-01: SeaWiFS Global


ESIP Air Quality Workgroup
Graduate Student Work
To Do List

DataFed Data Blog (See All...)

2015-02-25: NASA ACCESS - DataFed
2014-04-18: NASA Worlview WMTS Service
2014-03-07: GSOD Data Quality
2013-10-25: Aerosol Archives ICARE
2013-09-25: TES NH4 Data
2013-09-08: Webcam Split IOR
2013-09-01: NASA GIBS
2013-08-16: LANCE NRT Data

DataFed R/D Blog (See All...)

2015-04-10: Earth Science Data Directories
2015-03-04: RDU Models
2015-02-25: RDU Project - DataFed Metadata Stack
2014-11-24: Delhi Pollution Half Marathon
2014-11-22: MaunaLoa Data
2014-11-18: NYTimes: Coal Rush in India
2014-04-12: EPA SciTech Achievement Award
2014-03-28: SatAOD SurfVis PM Korea

Presentations (See All...)

97-06 PPTs MODIS4 AOT EChina 5Perc
Archived Proceedings
Archived Journal Articles
2014-03-20: EE DSS Transition to Operations
2014-03-08: GSOD Washington Delhi Beijing Trend
2014-02-24: EE and DataFed Texas Tutorial
2013-12-06: AGU SanFrancisco
2013-10-21: EarthCube Atmo-Ocean Workshop

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